Insert static menu in Yii Dropdown

Hello All,

Before asking this question I want to tell you all that I had asked question similar to this topic.The link is this.

I have the form for Invoice.where the admin will create the Invoice.But in that form there is one option called Customer Name

When the admin fill the form for invoice.He has to select the Customer name from the dropdown list of the customer name in the form.For that I have used this code in Invoice _form.php

 <?php echo $form->dropdownList($customers,'customer_name', CHtml::listData(Customers::model()->findAll(), 'id', 'customer_name'), array('empty'=>array('choose'=>'Choose one','new'=>'New Client'))); ?>

This will make the list of all the Customer name and will show in the dropdown list in Invoice _form page.Now suppose there is one new customer which details has not been saved in Customer table.So the admin has to go to Customer model and has to create a new profile.But to avoid this I have used this wiki.Where admin can make a new customer from the _form.php file of Invoice.Now my problem is the Create Customer link is not coming in dropdown list.It can be seen outsid of the dropdown list and I want the link should be come inside the dropdown list where the admin will click on the Create Customer link and it will work for new Customer.