Hello friends,

I m new here …Can anyone please help me.? I want to insert more than one tuple (rows) in a same table on form submission. Is it possible in Yii …Its most urgent please help me. Thanks in advance.

I have a table in database named trn_hiring_details. which have attributes case_no, Sy_no, village_name,area.

case_no is the foreign key I have a html table in form which will be getting information from user. so i hv to insert full table values to the my database table trn_hiring_details.

Off course it is possible, you need just to add foreach loop, in which you would create model, assign post data to it, save model, and so on, until you save all your elements from post data.

Thank you Ivica …Can u give me an example …of it will help me more. thank you …