innerjoin database tables

hi… m working on a project which requires a lot of relations(inner join)of tables in a db. i have gone throu the guide of active relations and what i understood is, we have to set the relations inthe model. but how do we access the results. say i want them in the form.php page.

please help. m really new in this.

if you want to have only view so create a view of that data, then create model of view.

If you don’t want to have view, create dependent dropdown list’s or selectors of related tables.


To access data $model->relationName->relationColumn

Do not forget to read the guide:

Thanks a lot… thats exactly what i wanted. how to access data…:)and i got it working…

now i want to change the layout of my website. i have made a html template which i wish to put in my site. is it possible to do that? how?

Thanks again

read this article

Place read wiki or make search in site to find the answer you want to get, if you won’t get answer in search ask in form