Initialization Code - Where do I put it?

Still figuring out how Yii wants me to do things I’d otherwise know how to do if I were rolling my own framework.

I’ve got some database tables that amount to an enumeration set. For example a UserTypes table:

ID Descr Constant

1 Guest GUEST

2 User USER

3 Admin ADMIN

I want to run a script that loops over the values in this and other similar tables to define the items in the Constant column.

foreach($userTypes as $u)

 define($u->constant, $u->id);

Then other places I can do something like this:



 case ADMIN:



I’ve used this before on other projects and it is very handy if the database IDs get jumbled as the code doesn’t need to know that ADMIN is 2 or 1 or whatever.

So where do I put this code? I want to run it before every request as I need those constants to be defined before they are reached in the code.

I’d also welcome a “the Yii way of doing these sort of constants is as follows:” if there’s a better way.

I noticed the CEnumerable class. In case you don’t know I’ll put the entire code here:

class CEnumerable




If it needs to be applicaiton-wide, you can put these into index.php.

For anyone else who reads this, I ended up putting it here:

the main index.php:

$application = Yii::createWebApplication($config);


my constant definition code