Initial project design


It’s getting more and more popular to draw web application sketch not by hand but using online/offline software - basically to let more users (clients/webdevs/etc) to participate in helping to find best solution with less effort changing the details both in drawing and specifications.

What Mockup or Wireframming software do you use for prototyping?

Here is a starting list:

  • MockFlow (Free/Pro)

  • Balsamiq Mockups (Trial)

  • Axure (Shareware)

  • Pencil (Opensource)

  • Microsoft Visio with some mockup/wireframing stencils

Please post your remarks using any of these above, and add your selected Tool to the list by entering a post below.



Pencil (free)

pen and paper.

Balsamiq Mockups, I used Pencil ( before but in my experience it doesn’t even come close to Balsamiq’s usabiliy when doing mockups. They’re in different leagues.

I don’t know about the other two you mentioned.

Balsamiq Web Demo


Microsoft Visio with some mockup/wireframing stencils

I have added more software above. Thanks for sharing your opinion and thoughts with Yii community about the prototyping and wireframming ;) I hope this kind of topics will help Yii projects to grow in best practice and approach to webdevelopment.

Yes, its still most powerful tool if you are on your own :)



Using: Mockupscreens

omnigrafle usually, of just pen and paper (i like going old school XD)

the interaction designers i’ve been working with usually had some weird rulers with inside the shapes of the most common interface element to draw directly on paper.

the designer i’m working with right now usually prefers to use Illustrator for everything.