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Hi all,

I need to show some informations in my form just as text, not into textfields, textareas, etc. For example, my form can be like this:

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Subject: [textfield]

Author: rickgrana (just text, not active field)

Year: 2009

Details: [textarea]

I don´t know if i am being clear. I use <label> or <p> tag to display this informations, but the layout isn't fine. Do you have some tag os css definition that I can use to do this? Any ideas?


Hi Rick,

It looks like using the <span> tag would be your simplest bet. <span> by default diplays the contained text inline. You could use <p> or <div> and modify the behaviour with CSS but span will be easier.


Thanks for the reply SimonJ!

For some reason, <span> didn't work properly (defining a 'div.yiiForm .span' css).

I used blocktext to resolve this (div.yiiForm blocktext)

Now, I have