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Thanks to a number of contributors from Packt publishing, and a special thanks to the technical editorial efforts of Yii core team members Cebe and Samdark, the 2nd edition of the first Yii Web development book has hit the shelves. Of course, none of this would exist without Qiang and the awesome team of developers behind this great framework, so big thanks to them as well.

This second edition is different from the first in many ways. You can learn more about this second edition on the associated site.

In addition to the book, all of the code developed throughout the book is available on a public github repository. You can also view the trackstar application online, and contact Jeff, the author, directly with any issues or questions you have about the book. And of course, this forum will provide an environment for ongoing discussions about this book.



online trackstar:

contact me: http://www.seesawlab.../author-contact

known/found errata: http://www.seesawlab…ook/corrections


Jeff Winesett

Hi jeff,

what are the demo user’s username and password for the trackstar application in the link you posted?

Thanks in advance,


User: User One

Pwd: test1

Hello Jeff,

Thank you so much for this, it’s a great help.

Could you also post it according to the latest edition of the book please?