Infinite Scroll Page


I want to implement infinite scroll page with CListView. I tried to use an extension but with that extension the "afterAjaxUpdate"

property is not working and for that the extension has become useless to me. Please help me if anyone has implemented such pagination.

Or please suggest me, the best possible way to implement infinite scroll successfully.


there are at least two ready extensions that do that:

I have applied both of them. They are working perfectly but if I put some ajax link in those list they start to show results in inappropriate way. "afterAjaxUpdate" is not working nor the $.fn.yiiListView is working perfectly.

Hi I am a newbie I am using inifinite-scroll-pager extension could anyone guide me step by step coz I find difficult to do that

You just need to create your data provider in controller:

$dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('...(model name)');

and use it in the view like example code in the extension page.