Infinite Scroll Issue


I am using yii infinite scroll extension in a product list page for infinite pagination. Here, there are several filters to filter the products. I am using ajax call to filter out products based on certain filters. My problem is infinite scroll is not working fine with filter data.

Like, there are 135 total products and i am showing 30 products on a page.

First case -

If i apply Filter like price is less than 500 then the result is 23 products. so when i scroll down the page, it will shows the page 2 content and continues. The ideal result is it will show only 23 products.

Second case -

Like if i apply filter price is greater than 500 then the result is 45 products. So on first page it shows 30 products of the filtered result but when i scroll down the page then it will show the next 30 page of default listing and again n again.

So my question is how i can use this extension with filters on a product listing page???