Index View Query Changing With Condition

I have created an module using gii and now i have added some data into that module ,Now my question is,i want to display only the data with Type=1 on the grid view while user loged in …Can any one help me where is the query for select option and how can i add condition for it.Where we can find the create ,delete and update query for each module in yii web application…

I am new to yii…Plz can anyone help me

This are very baisc tasks so you should start to read at leat one of the Yii tutorials to understand the basics of the framework.

If you are not familar with the MVC pattern which is used by Yii then you better start first with some basic MVC tutorials.

After that you should be able to answer the questions by yourself.

If you have further specific question/problems (provide relevant code) ask here in the forum again.