index.php brings up save/download popup

i just downloaded the yii and tried to create a testapp. When i do this in my Redhat env I get a save/download when i goto http://site/testapp/index.php

When i do this in my ubuntu the testapp works properly.

I went did print_r right before the ->run command in index.php in the testapp I saw that: [_componentConfig:private] was the only variable thats not completely loaded in RedHat. It is partial:

[_componentConfig:private] => Array


            [coreMessages] => Array


                    [class] => CPhpMessageSource

                    [language] => en_us

                    [basePath] => /var/www/yii/framework/messages


            [db] => Array


                    [class] => CDbConnection

                    [connectionString] => sqlite:/var/www/yii/testapp/protected/config/../data/testdrive.db


when I did the requirements test I only got warnings for APC for my Redhat environment. Any help?

Maybe you didn’t install/activate the PHP module in your webserver. That’s why .php files get sent as raw text.

I am not sure. The index-test.php does execute properly although it also doesnt load the classes properly.

Yeah, sorry, i’m to quick sometimes, should have read better. ;)

Could you compare the output of phpinfo() on both servers for obvious differences? APC should not be the problem here, must be a more basic setting.

So, when comparing the phpinfo() between the two servers I could not find out any basic difference that would invoke one to fail.

I did find out that the action fails when executing the run() function in CInlineAction in actions.


The only setting that is different from the two servers are

Virtual Directory Support disabled

Another thing is index-test.php works on the server where index.php doesnt work.

Any idea? Anyone?

You seem to do strange things, like calling $this->getController()->$method(). Could you maybe first check with a simple "hello world" default action?


This is actually a pre-existing function call in the framework. I have barely begun to use the framework. In my environment that doesnt work…this function call is the part where it throws the pop-up.