Indeterminate check state


I’m trying to give the checkbox an indeterminate value instead of checked or unchecked .

so I tried:

        document.getElementById("checkboxId").indeterminate  = true;

it works fine on i.e. 7 and 8 but doesn’t work in firefox :S

Any idea?

In my understanding a checkbox has exactly 2 states: checked or unchecked. Can’t see how a “intermediate” state should work. Half checked?

Maybe what you want is to save data with a DOM element. You could use for that.

the only ‘third’ state I can think of is ‘disabled’ … but that’s probably not what IE7 & 8 do is it ?



no their is a third state: tristate or indeterminate i use it to make clear that the checked data is used for other sub checkbox you can see it in i.e if you use document.getElementById(checkboxid).indeterminate = true;

well my probleme is in firefox doesn’t appear :S

any help

Does work for me in Firefox (version 3.6.4) and in IE, but not in Safari, Opera or Chrome. Is this even a standard? I have the feeling Microsoft invented this for the browsers. :lol:

Aha, interesting: