Indent or code convention


I read this article http://www.yiiframew…ics.convention.

However, I’ve got some questions.

  1. What editor(or IDE) do yii framework developers usually use?

  2. How do developers indent?

tab, 4 or 8 spaces?

  1. Does Yii suggest not to use space between parenthesis and operators?




It is a bit annoying because the generated codes by gii don’t look good with my editor. I want to know how others codes with Yii.

Thank you.

maybe you should use tabs to instead spaces.

yii is indent by tabs.

Hi @Season

I use NetBeans for a lot of years both for php and java code (and Yii ofcourse!)

There are shortcut in Netbeans (obviusly and the others IDEs) to set automatically indents :)