increase the number of Recent Topics Added


just request to Yii management for increase the number of Recent Topics Added on forum page,

currently recent five posts appear.

and as user increased the appearance time of question is decrease in recent five.

so its better to show more topics instead of five or the link like See More or View All.

any other suggestion or comment welcome to current thread…


i’m on your side. it would be great so we can browse by recent dates;

Actually, you were better off if you clicked on View New Content instead :)

yes now i saw this link.

but i thought it would there before post or not.

i am confuse how i haven’t seen that link… :mellow:

IPB’s UI isn’t the best at times. In general, there’s [topic=32444]more than the eye can spy[/topic].


yes i thought smily( new UI ) implemented yesterday because different smily UI was there when i post this topic.