incorrect documentation on skeleton code

authenticate() does not take any params, but the CUserIdentity constructor does.



 * UserIdentity represents the data needed to identity a user.

 * It contains the authentication method that checks if the provided

 * data can identity the user.


class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity



	 * Validates the username and password.

	 * This method should check the validity of the provided username

	 * and password in some way. In case of any authentication failure,

	 * set errorCode and errorMessage with appropriate values and return false.

	 * @param string username

	 * @param string password

	 * @return boolean whether the username and password are valid


	public function authenticate()


		if($this->username==='demo' && $this->password==='demo')




		return !$this->errorCode;



Thank you. It's fixed.