Inconsistancy in yiic shell, crud

I have a database table  HAND_INSTALLS with columns ID, APPLICATION_NAME.

in yiic shell,

>> model Hand_Installs

>> crud Hand_Installs

What is created:

In the view, the name of the inputs are "hand_installs[APPLICATION_NAME]"

In the controller Hand_InstallsController, actionCreate() method, it is looking for $_POST['Hand_Installs'] and is not finding it.

Therefore, the create / update are failing.

  • As a workaround, If I change to $_POST['hand_installs'] and things work. (All lower case)



Could you check your model class name and see if it has proper case?

That was the problem. 

Model was "class hand_installs"

Recreating the model with "model Hand_Installs" fixed it.