Including external application in yii code

Hello all,

I want to add a live chat in my application. I have purchased phplivesupport which basically gives you part of their code in a zipped file which you include in the application and works independently.

The issue here is that this part of code is not MVC written, so when I try to include it as a different module (modules/phplive), yii requires a controller. In the contrast, the code needs to goes straight to an index.php file withour yii’s classical controller -> action -> view routing. Specifically the URL should direct to modules/phplive/index.php while it tries to find a PhpliveModule.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can include it in my application whithout changing the original code? I read that maybe I can declare it somehow in the htacces file but I cannot seem to find how.

Thanks a lot