Include separated interface in to the frontend?

Dear Community,

I’m using the Yii2 advanced application (v.2.0.2). I have all my data in the frontend and backend folder and i would like to create a separated folder in the base of Yii. In this separated folder i have different subfolder with an ActiveRecord class, form class and a view. The idea behind separating this files is to have products for my shop, which contains different work processes. This processes could also include Python scripts or others.

Is it possible to redirect from the frontend SiteController to the created ProductController in my separated subfolder.

Overall the most Important is that this files need to be separated!

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Dear samdark,

i don’t understand how i have to use this, but tried a different way and have following questons.

Can i render to an other controller?

How and where an i switch to an different controller?

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What do mean by "render to an other controller" and "switch to an different controller"?