Include Language in URL Manager Rules

I am using codemix/localeurls and I want to include URL specific for Arabic Language and one for english.
I can’t do that due to the note in the Extension:
Note: You can still configure custom URL rules as usual. Just ignore any language parameter in your URL rules as it will get removed before parsing and added after creating a URL.

URL Manager Rules Like:

/<language:ar>/تطبيق-مزاد' => 'mazad-app/index',

Doesn’t Work

What Works is Like This:

'تطبيق-مزاد/' => 'mazad-app/index'

and I need Language to be specific Like Below:

'/<language:en>/mazad-app' => 'Mazad-app/index',
'/<language:ar>/تطبيق-مزاد' => 'mazad-app/index',

isn’t there a way to get around this without losing the good things about this extension?

I solved it using GitHub - engmohamedamer/yii2-translatable-url-rule: An UrlRule for Yii 2 which allows for translations