Include(Domdocument.php): Failed To Open Stream: No Such File Or Directory

Hi all,

<?php echo CHtml::link($data->title,array('news/view/id/'.($data->id).'/title/'.$data->title), array());?>

When I’m clicking on the link the page redirect to the next page and display only the particular post in separate page.

Now I’m getting the error on the redirection page,

PHP warning

include(DOMDocument.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory 

I’m Using CMarkDown, to display the Content in the html format.

see this link Link

45 <?php

46    $this->beginWidget('CMarkdown', array('purifyOutput'=>true));

47        echo $model->content;

48    $this->endWidget();

49 ?>

hello Selvakumar the problem is not in widget itself. your view or the content use display is trying to include a file and that file is unknown to yii autoloader thats ir. please check your view or post your source