In Yii, Facebook Opengraph Return Uid When User Logout From Facebook In Another Browser Tab

I am working in yii 1.1 and have an extension yii-facebook-opengraph wrapper of php sdk 3.1.1

$facebook_id = Yii::app()->facebook->getUser();

    if ($facebook_id) 


       // check that you get a Facebook ID before calling api()

       // now we know we have a Facebook Session,

       $user_info = Yii::app()->facebook->api('/me'); // so it's safe to call api()

       if ($user_info) 


          // ...  code ...



the problem is when user login by facebook in one tab and logout from facebook in other tab then $facebook_id is still set. Why? and when tried to access user info, got error "Requires user session ". i have searched a lot and find something like


to get user session but this function is not available in yii-facebook-opengraph Please suggest me any solution.