In need for extension for list handling

Hey everyone, I have 2 questions. I am pretty new to yii so please don’t kill me if I ask stupid questions or something.

  1. On website

there is some kind of table (I called it list :D ) which displays some records from database, and if you change let say language, it displays only those tutorials from database which are from that specific languages. Is that table created manually or is it maybe some extension (if yes,which one) ?

  1. I tried searching for that extension on official yiiframework website, and I entered “list” in search query. The thing is, it displayed about 250 extensions, and I don’t feel that I’m able to check them all out. How do you guys manage to pick “the right” extension when there are so many of them available? Is there some popularity, or something?

This is CGridView, built-in Yii class.

Take a look at

As for the extensions, it’s sometimes hard to choose the proper one. General idea is not to reinvent the wheel and use what others wrote with few modifications if necessary. People tend to choose code based on popularity and the level of documentation and examples. Sometimes it’s also attachment to specific solution or software.