Improved ajax validation of ActiveForm

Currently, the Ajax validation of CActiveForm apply to all rules every time.

This will lead to a lot of unnecessary verification, and may even result in failure on CAPTCHA.

I strongly hope that Yii official team can fix this issue, Here is my patch for ‘jquery.yiiactiveform.js’

[some contents deleted]

Now use the EActiveForm extension I wrote to achieve this functionality.


Why the need to post two times the same thing -

Sorry, but I can not find the way to delete this post…

No need… now it will stay here as a reminder to others to NOT post the same question on multiple sub-forums…


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Now, I wrote the EActiveForm extension, can achieve this functionality without the need for it to modify core script ‘jquery.yiiactiveform.js’ again.

In addition, it support for the client-side javascript validation before sending ajax request, all validation rules are converted from CValidator automatically.