importcsv error second step


I use importcsv extension and get 500 Error from php like this:

file_get_contents(uploaddir/file.csv) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory (site\protected\modules\importcsv\controllers\DefaultController.php:86)

The problem is file uploaded saved without first letter (??), so my when I choose file.csv it saves as ile.csv.

And then in ‘File’ field shows ‘ile.csv’. But script is looking for ‘file.csv’ and raises an error.

More, when i rename ile.csv to file.csv it shows me third step, where i choose appropriate rows\fields. And when I continue it raises an 500 error again (no file). I rename my ‘file.csv’ to ‘ile.csv’ again and then I see ‘No errors’ after exporting rows (but nothing saves into database).

But my main question is: why file.csv saves without first letter?


Did you have to modify any of the extension to get it to work?

I keep getting the ‘Error: Download file is not a .csv’ message when I’ve chosen the csv file (I’ve tried several variations of csv with different delimiters)

Nope… I’ve just preferred to use EAjaxUpload and wrote CSV parser wrapper for my needs.

So I suggest you to do so.

Will do, thanks for the advice ^_^