import zii.Behavior LAMP

I have recently moved my yii project from a Windows machine (XAMPP) to my Development environment in Ubuntu 14.04 (LAMP) however I have encountered an error which I never have encountered in windows before.

The error is:Alias "zii.Behaviors.CTimestampBehavior" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file and the file is readable.

yii folder permission is set to 755 I am not so sure if its because of the permission.

The code causing this error is from my user model where it is being called when a user sign’s up/ register.

public function behaviors(){

		return array(

			'CTimestampBehavior' => array(

				'class' =>'zii.Behaviors.CTimestampBehavior',

				'createAttribute' => 'create_time',

				'updateAttribute' => 'last_login',

				'setUpdateOnCreate' => true,




Please help as I have been stock in these problem since this morning… thanks

CTimestampBehavior is not available in some of the old versions of 1.1 make sure you are running on the latest 1.1 and that file is present

I don’t think the problem is the “yii version” because it used to work on my windows machine. Also I have updated my yii version to 1.1.16 and still same problem happens. And yes I also checked if CTimestampBehavior.php is under zii/Behaviors and yes I saw it there, but still the same problem happens.

It’s, in fact, “zii/behaviors”, with lowercase “b” which can make a significant difference on case sensitive filesystems.