Import data into the database from an external file


I want to import data into my database(Mysql) using an external file. I have gone through many posts but have not come up with any solution.

Please help me.


Take look and see if that helps.

What type of your external file? if possible make it CSV or Excel then just import it using phpMyAdmin importer. ;D

Thanks dniznik and itmagetan.

The external file could any generic form. It could be SAS or Access also. Till now i am able to find script for csv files only. I have not yet tried phpmyadmin importer.

There is no way to simply import data from an arbitrary file within Yii, or any other framework I would imagine.

Externally you could use something like Navicat (paid version) which will accept many different formats and allow you to map source fields to destination fields within your db.