Import Class.php Classes


I download a class of PHP for access to IMDB data. It’s not official class and IMDB doesn’t provide an official API for retrieve data. The class is I made checkout with Subversion and classes have nomenclature of .class.php. At past time I renamed the classes to .php and works, but with make this I lost the possibility for updates code from Subversion.

Now I want to import the classes but with his original name. I tried to do this:

// autoloading model and component classes

   'import' => array(


But doesn’t works, doesn’t founds for example: imdbsearch class, because classname is imdsearch and the name of the file is imdbsearch.class.php.

Thank you!!And sorry about my English, i am improving this

Hi uthopiko

the file name must be imdbsearch.php (without first extension .class. )

So all the other files have to be in same pattern