imgManager - gallerymanager

Hello out there.

I have just installed the imgManager module.

Anyone who knows how to make authenticated users only - able to control uploaded images as well as be in the gallery administrations tab.

As it is out of the box, everyone can do everything.



I would also like to know how - the developer recommends RBAC which looks very complicated and wipes out all of your existing authentication I think.

imgManager is not work properly guys.plz guys give idea about it if u have work on it.

There is nothing wrong with the module - it works fine

this discussion is about authentication on the module <-- this may fix it

What I’ve done:

  1. Under PlController, I created the function:

    public function accessRules() which is similar to alot of other controller.

  2. Then under filters function, add the ‘accessControl’, to the return array.

Hope this work for you.