Imgage resize extension problem??

Hi guys i m using image extension of yii for image resizing i have morzilla6.0,php 5.0,yii1.1.6,windows OS

i followed these steps…

1-downloaded and extracted image extension zipfolder in protected/extension/

2-in config main file


						'application.helpers.*',  ),


in component section of main file




						 // GD or ImageMagick


						 // ImageMagick setup path

						 'params'=>array('directory'=>''),   // path to image_Imagemagic or  image 																														//_GD_driver files>>>>>



3-in a view file code is


$image = new Image('');

$image->resize(400, 100)->rotate(-45)->quality(75)->sharpen(20);


in morzill browser getting error


image not found

if ($check === FALSE)

74 throw new CException(‘image getimagesize missing’);


76 // Check to make sure the image exists

77 //echo $image;exit;

78 if ( ! is_file($image))

79 throw new CException(‘image file not found’);


81 // Disable error reporting, to prevent PHP warnings[/html]

i have checked image is in this path???? plz help me ???