Images In Chtml Dropdown

I want to be able to put an image inside the chtml::dropDownList.

But the dropdown list doesn’t display the html tags.

Is there a way to set the type=raw?

There has to be a different image for each item in the drop down list.

<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList("banner1", array(''=>''), model::getBanners()); ?>

public static function getBanners()


        $criteria = new CDbCriteria();

        $criteria->condition = 'status = '.Banner::STATUS_ACTIVE.'';

        $criteria->order = "modified DESC";


        $activeBanners = Banner::model()->findAll($criteria);



        foreach ($activeBanners as $banner)



            $bannerImage = $banner->image;


            $bannerArray[$banner->id] = '<img src="'.$bannerImage.'">';


     return $bannerArray;



try echoing the image tag only I’ve not tested it just an idea! hope it works, hope the image path is correct.

echo CHtml::tag('img', $htmlOptions);

You can’t put an image in select although you could try it with css or use jquery plugin that will convert your select into a dropdown with images