image upload for user profile

hi folks,

Any body can tell me how can i give a functionality of image upload to user in his profile.with the help of existing helper classes of yii…!!!

i am stuck with this little issue with yii…sine i am new in yii development… :P

use CUploadedFile helper





ok, i have done this upload image work.but i want a resizing of image also when we we upload an image.

i mean to say on run time i want a image resizing also to store thumbnail image also…!!

use some kind of extension

ooopss…i didn’t get succeed with this complete task…as i mention above…

would you please help me little bit more… :blink:

i want to upload an image on user registration and want to display a thumbnail image on his profile.please guide me to complete this task…

i am hanging with syntexs of yii…!!!

Try the ePhpThumb extension (

I am using this extension for the very purpose.

Try It.