image upload and resizing


anybody can give me any idea about a image file upload and resizing functionality in yii…

i am not sure about any present extension for this work.please give me any appropriate suggestion.

thanks in advance…!!

the most popular extension is this one

in the extensions page you can see some examples of use

as for the upload I already answered you in the your other post

I use PHPThumb. I don’t know if there is an extension for this library, but I think it’s not really necessary. I just do all manipulations with uploaded and validated jpgs, gifs and pngs in beforeSave/afterSave methods.

yes Gustavo…i’ve gone through your other reply but that was not worked for me…!!!

then i try phpThump…and yes it works grt…

thank you for your quick reply Gustavo… ::)

thanks to you too man…same thing i did and thts work for me… :)