Image upload and resizing,ajax upload support extension

Is there any good image uploading and resize extension for yii2; I don’t want to use kartik because since I had a problem I’ve not gotten any help to understand where the problem is, same situation with Illustrated behavior so I am stack in my project.

What I want is multiple image uploading,ajax support(even for old browser if not to turn to normal file input), image resizing keeping good quality and allowing one image to be saved in different sizes.

Usually I use image magick direcly.

Check if these two functions can be useful for you:

    public static function generateImagesScaledAndCropped($inputFile, $outputFile, $params)


        $imageMagickConvert = \Yii::$app->params['imagick.convert'];

        $cmd = sprintf("%s %s -resize %dx%d^ -gravity Center -crop %dx%d+0+0 %s", $imageMagickConvert, $inputFile, $params['edge'], $params['edge'], $params['edge'], $params['edge'], $outputFile);



    public static function generateImagesScaledByWidth($inputFile, $outputFile, $params)


        $imageMagickConvert = \Yii::$app->params['imagick.convert'];

        $cmd = sprintf("%s %s -resize %d %s", $imageMagickConvert, $inputFile, $params['width'], $outputFile);



Params are:


return [

    'imagick.convert' => '/usr/bin/convert',

    'imagick.composite' => '/usr/bin/composite',    


Why not use the Yii team made extension for Imagine?

And perhaps follow this tutorial at TutsPlus ? -> http://code.tutsplus…ails–cms-23196


Just in case you haven’t figured it out: that tutorial shows you exactly how to use the Kartik fileupload widget and to use Yii Imagine to resize the images - what more do you want? ;)

Also, try and use Google once in a while when you get stuck.

Don’t expect other people to debug your code - be creative.

And learn how to ask good questions,

Finding information is part of being a good programmer.

Thanks for the Advice; was using my own script but I thought an extension would simplify things and reduce the time of work.Thinking that we are there also to give the feedback on extensions I posted my problem but before coming to forum I try first my ideas if they don’t solve my problem then I run to the community for support.

I am sorry!!!

No need to be sorry. Be happy :)