Image Resize Without change Quality


How to image resize without stretch (not change quality image) when resize smaller size image to bigger size image.

Is there any extension in Yii 1.1?

Am used CImageComponent Extension it’s resize image but image quality not good.

[b]My Coding:

$image = Yii::app()->image->load(images/test.jpg);

$image->resize(1920, 920)->quality(100);

$image->save(); [/b]

Above coding working fine,But My original image size

560 * 400 Once am resize 1920 * 920 it’s not

good quality image be stretch.

I need to resize image without changing quality image (resize small size image to big size image).

Please Give me Solution.

Is there any solution for my problem(or please tell me possible or not ) for my above problem?

It’s not possible to improve the quality of a resized image. The quality of a resized image can not exceed that of the original one.