Image Problem

i have a multilanguage web app using yii. in the main.php, i inserted a picture

<td align="right">

<img src="images/ll.jpg" width="150" align="right">


when i put the following url in the browser: webroot/projectname the picture appears in the header

when i click to change the language the picture disappear

url: webroot/projectname/index.php/site/index?language=en

can someone help me?

Who generate the url "webroot/projectname/index.php/site/index?language=en"? Its wrong!

i am using in the url manager the following rules:










with switch case in the sitecontroller if (language=‘en’){render(enindex);)

where is the problem?

it’s working, i removed the rules from the url manager

thank you, it was a url problem