Image Folder Gallery

in yii, i have 1 module called gallery.

In the Gallery/index, it’s supposed to show the whole image from selected folder.

For example, i’ll make it to be like news.

Date: 25 December 2012

Content: All picture from folder with name "25 December 2012"

Date: 1 January 2013

Content: All picture from folder with name "1 January 2013"

So when saving to database, they save the path to the folder instead of the image.

When we create the gallery, we are supposed to upload the whole folder, not the specify image. How to do that?

Hi karasawaz,

Your user can not specify a folder in the client computer. He or she has to select a file or files. And we can not tell the source folder name in the client computer from the uploaded file(s).

After all, we have to ask the user to name the folder manually. Probably you will give the user the default folder name to ease the pain.