Image Display


I have image group[b] image[0..4] [/b]and image descriptions[b] desc[0..4][/b]. [b] Images are as big as DIV.[/b] 

I need to play one image a time as follow.

Pic 0                                Pic 1                                 Pic2

desc 0   wait 5 seconds    desc 1      wait 5 seconds   desc2      and so on. 

I hope there are models or classes which are already included in Yii.

Many TKS for telling me how to achieve this.

There are no classes or models for this… for this you can use jQuery… try to search on google a bit for a suitable jQuery plugin…


I find many JQuery plugins and they work very well.

However, when I put JQuery plugins and Yii together, they do not work anymore. I think I could make them work together but it will take a long time for I only have basic knowledge both Yii and JQuery.

At first I want to use JQuery UI to generate an UI tab and then I find Zii tabs and it works very well without any changes.

So I hope I could find another tool or something Yii supports to achieve the goal.

I do think it is a common requirement by many web sites.

Note that this is very advanced stuff… and at many times you really need to know JS / jQuery to make two different jQuery plugins work together…

Thank you! I know the situation now.

I will try my best to make these two plugins work together. And I would like to share it if I could solve this problem.