I'm looking for a project

I should really need to join a (paid) project. As you may have noticed I’ve been here since the first version of Yii. Not a very experienced web developer, though. Most of my historical programming (and consulting) experience is from assembler/C/C++/Pascal in embedded, Dos, OS/2 and Windows environments.

I also have a couple of .NET/C# certifications and considered to use ASP.NET for my own zero budget web project, before switching to PHP and Yii.

Please PM me if interested (or use the email address that can be found in the sv guide).


Just a reminder. Actually, for the reason explained above, I’m interested in joining a team. For the same reason, and because I cannot present a portfolio of finished and/or publicly available projects, I’d probably not answer any job offerings the usual way.

Tiny parts of my Yii related work so far, can be found in some of my forum posts.

BTW. Besides abovementioned programming experience, spanning over decades, I’m also very experienced in electronics repair and some electronics design (including FPGA).


I´m having a couple of interesting projects to start in the very near future, but how would you like your involvement on the jpb to be presented …

I mean would you be fine if you show up on the credits page?

The first project is kind of open source…let me know

I’ve sent you a PM.