Hi All,

I’ve developed a URL shortening and tracking service much like bit.ly, tr.im, tinyurl.com (and the rest) but with a more powerful API using the WebService action in Yii. This has been the first major project I have developed using Yii and more importantly using a TDD methodology.

I’ve finished adjusting a few things for the server environment and it all appears to be working okay. However, I would appreciate other people’s opinions, thoughts, issues etc should you have the time to check it out. If you do, head over to http://ikl.me and register (for FREE!).

N.B. I’m still finalising the Terms and Conditions so if you do register just know that this is service offers no warranty and can change at any time ;)


page: http://ikl.me/login.html


ah yes, attributeLabels needs amending. Thanks.

Looks great.

Found a type-o:

Don’t forget, all your usgae data is also …

Keep it up!