ikinciel.com & piyasa.com

Hi there,

We are developing Yii-based applications since Dec’11. In 4.5 months, two projects has already been released:

piyasa.com in Jan’12 (piyasa means “market” in Turkish) and

ikinciel.com -Alpha version- in Apr’12 (ikinciel means “secondhand” in Turkish)

Yii is a powerful, easy-learning, and stable framework and I wanna thank all YiiTeam members and contributors.


Great !!! nice !! :D

well done ! nice one :lol:

second site :


//  some error happens 

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both are example of nice development.

good design.

Thanks yiqing95,

It is solved now.

Great work, very nice design!

I like design of piyasa.com :)

Nice Design, Great work!!