Ignoring the Yii 1.0 forum

I never read the Yii 1.0 subforum…

I mean: we’re using Yii 1.1.x now, aren’t we?

So if you people who post there are not using Yii 1.0, you’re missing out on possible helpful answers/input/whatever from me. ;)

Yii 1.0 is so yesteryear…

How about you?

I am not saying that the Yii 1.0 subforum is not useful - it is.

If you are using Yii 1.0 and have Yii 1.0 specific issues.

But somehow I have a feeling that people somehow end up posting in the forum about current Yii - which is too bad… :)

I learned about Yii like October last year, so I never had the chance to work on Yii 1.0. Of course I want to work with something updated. Thus, I don’t find any reason to visit the Yii 1.0 forum.

I guess "sometimes" will be chosen by core developers and people actually working with 1.0.