If techcrunch and hackernews are your goto sites...

If Techcrunch and Hacker News are part of your daily routine, and you are interested in joining as co-founder of an ambitious new silicon valley startup, contact us.

About us? We have great connections in silicon valley. We may not be the next twitter or linkedin, but we think we can get pretty close. We are a very small team, but we all have engineering backgrounds.

You? Hopefully you like the Yii framework (otherwise you wouldn’t reading this). You like to code and you like to brainstorm and strategize about product features. You react quickly and don’t mind discussing the product day and night. If you have good CSS taste, that’s a plus, but not required. Preferably, you live in the bay area, but remote can be worked out too (you’d better like skype).

Or, you can wait until we launch, gain some traction, and then apply to join us for a regular job. You’d get much less equity (but more money) and no fame.

Sure, it’s super-risky to join us, but it’s so much more fun than keeping a day job at Oracle :slight_smile:

Email: alain at softwarebillofrights dot org