If In Yii Error Show Outputing Before Error

Hi all,

When in Yii 1.1.14 I get some critical error or even not critical warning I get standart error message and all page output is hidden.

I know about YII_DEBUG, but I neeed different :

Say, In my index listing page I have a error:

  echo '<pre>$this->breadcrumbs::'.print_r($this->breadcrumbs,true).'<pre>';

$editor_filters= Yii::app()->session['category_editor_filters'];

  echo '<pre>$editor_filters::'.print_r($editor_filters,true).'<pre>';

$editor_filters['category_id']= 'new';

$url= Appfuncs::CreateLink( '/backend/category/edit' , $editor_filters, true );

$this->mEEenu=array(  // This raise exception

	array('label'=>'Create Category', 'url'=> $url ),


On my screen there is such page My link

I would like to be visible all my echo outputs and content of page before this error

I searched in code and found that handleException menthod of base/CApplication.php is run al line :


					$handler->handle($event);  // Line 732 - this mehtod is called




I did not find what is actually run at line


Maybe there are tools for such debugging ? Actually I find error as on my link very unconvinient, when all prior output is hidden.

Thanks in advance!