IE6 Problem


I wondering if anyone can shed some light on why IE6 throws up strange and intermittent blank pages in this release?

This worries me. I hardly have access to IE6 and are already frustrated about all the css issues… Could you explain a bit more what happens?

I followed the instructions for ‘Creating First Yii Application’, in the documentation.

Literally, a page will render one moment and a few clicks later, after visiting any number of the other links, will fail to display any content at all. I’ve checked for some sort of pattern, but failed to come up with any, hence my use of intermittent.

I’ve also looked at various posts on the web regarding ie6 blank pages, and each time I try to compare the symptoms with a solution, I still manage to draw an absolute blank.

My organisation has 2000 or so Windows machines, all running ie6, there is a planned moved to ie8, which does not appear to suffer this blight, but it won’t happen for at least another six months.

Any help would be appreciated…

No problem for me to display in IE6 the code generated by "yiic webapp" as well as model User and crud User.

You should enable PHP logging if possible. Yii logging may also give some hints. If it’s a loop the server log should tell.