IE invisible page!?


[color="#008000"]Lets get the boring stuff out of the way:

Yii version: yii-1.1.9.r3527

MyOS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx

MyVirtualOS: Win_7_Ultimate


Hi there everyone :)

I’ve been using Yii for the first time, and I just fell in love with it :wub:

But for now, I have 3 littles problems, and guess what they’re almost all with IE.

I’m developing a website for a client: varietesgabriel dot com but I have some compatibility issues.


[*]Invisible Page i[/i]: Everything is perfect in Firefox, Opera, Chrome but strangely in IE, nothing is showing. <_<

[*]Unwanted Linebreak i[/i]: In my opera/Ubuntu and with “some” other friends Win/pc’s, I have a random Line-break in my [color="#0000FF"]widget(‘zii.widgets.CMenu’, …[/color], is anyone familiar with that bug!?

[*]IE Jquery Errori[/i]: For some reason, IE is not happy with my .js file <_<

  onPageTransitionOut: unction(callback) {

						this.fadeTo('fast', 0.0, callback); // This is Line 403



Thank you again for you time.

And I’d really appreciate any advices or suggestions.

In your html’s body tag ,there is a div with the ID Main_menu , nothing else , i think you have an unclosed tag somewhere, and it breaks IE. If you remove the id from it you can see your content - see attached.


Now I feel stupid. :-X

Everything is working now… Thank you Alexandru :D

It’s not a bug and it’s not random. Please check your HTML and CSS, you should debug that first.

Anyway, on Mac OS X, Safari, Firefox and Chrome also have the same output. Changing your sgabriel.css (line 87) into:

#Main_menu_center ul li, #Main_menu_center ul li._current, #Main_menu_center ul li:hover {

display: inline-block;

list-style: none;

height: 30px;

width: 12%; /* one of the changes you can do */

padding: 20px 15px 2px 15px;


solves your layout issue. You can also play with the padding.

PS Also, it’s “Accueil” not “Acceuil” ;)

Hey thx Bennouna

I was struggling for hours for that glitch…

Proof that little thing can cause big problems :lol: