Identityinterface Upgrading From Yii 1.0 ( Authenticating )

Hey guys ( yes me again ).

I am implementing IdentityInterface from my User Model ( Active Record ) but at the moment of creating the session and go to home, it appears as the session was never created.

I am checking the logs, and it seems that there is no trouble at all, the user is found, the password is correct, and it does create the login.

User '10' logged in from with duration 2592000.

    /var/www/DEV/basic/models/LoginForm.php (56)

    /var/www/DEV/basic/controllers/SiteController.php (58)



But when it shows my website again it appears as nothing happened. If I tried to get the user Id from the app, I get nothing ( Null ) like the session never started.

Anyone implemented the Authentication with their own models ? I would be really helpful if you did and share :).

I will leave this here in case of someone has the same trouble. It seems that the solution was inside the config file.

       'user' => [

            'identityClass' => 'app\models\Usuarios',

            'enableAutoLogin' => true,


I just needed to change "User" for my own model and it is working great.