Ideas for: Enter Pin to Perform Action

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Design Intent

I am looking for ideas on how to implement a pin prompt to perform certain actions. For my particular situation users log in and there is no timeout to forced login again. For certain operations, I want to place a pin prompt wrapper require the user to enter a pin before the command will execute. This way they understand the action is critical.

Design Concept

I am thinking pin prompt needs to be a component so that I can use it throughout the application. I have not yet played with behaviors yet and wasn’t sure if there is a simple way I can attach a before behavior to a controller action/ The before behavior would generate a client side jquery prompt after an action is clicked using ajax.

Has anyone done anything like this?

You can do it with the user passwords. Normally you have a method in your user component to check if a password is valid or not. So you can use this method to validate the current user.

Don´t forget to block those users with more than 3 failed password validation attempts. If you do not your users will be vulnerable to a brute force attack.