Ideas for docs as it is really complicated.......

Hello to all,

I am a beginner on Yii2 and really, I do find the documentation way too difficult to get me started in an enjoyable way.

Why don’t you create 2 areas for the learners, 1 could be the one you already have which is ultra complicated to understand, and 1 with a simple list of “how to”.

I am just thinking about how Laravel created their own doc, simple, easy and straight forward.

Things that could help a beginner to start really quickly would be questions/answers without project files on a single page with 1 link per answer<----important(no need to research anything), just a simple pasting of code to do 1 simple and exact job per line like here.

-How to disable access to logged in users to certain pages.

-How to create an rss feed of Posts.

-How to create a fully working payment button with yii and paypal and get 1 product to download.

-How to create 3 users and give permission to each(rbac)

-How to pass values from one table into a drop down on a form

-How to create a many to many relationship and have this data on a form

-How to validate a field with 1 example for each type

-how to echo data from the database on a view file

-how to echo data from specific id on a view file

-How to add an html template to the layout page

-How to create flash messages

-How to send an email to a user when a record is delete or updated.

-How to encrypt data from a form

-How to validate data from a form with 1 example for each.

and many many more…

Many of you will say, well we already have this…look in the doc, and this is where it fails, you have to search everywhere ,look, ask and you get frustrated because you lose so much time.

It would have been great to have the more knowledgeable programmers on this forum to build a list of all the above questions + many more which may be seem as simple for some but hard to understand for beginners.

Remember, if you want Yii to become more and more well known, you have to rely heavily on beginners willing to give it a shot to become experienced in a few years to spread the word out. This is the exact same technique that Laravel uses and it works perfectly for their community.

I feel that Yii Doc has been built right away for experienced people which automatically causes frustration for beginners.

I totally understand that it is a lot of work and that many do not get paid for the work so perhaps some of the best guys here should try to create together something similar to Laracasts but for Yii 2 only which I would be more than happy to pay for on a monthly basis as hard work has to have rewards.

I have also found another guy on Youtube who is doing it right for beginners but unfortunately his sound is way too low but that guy is on the right path, we learn things in 2 minutes that we just could not find for days in the docs, the down point with that is that we cannot copy and paste his code and have to watch the whole thing each time.

My link

I hope this will helps experienced devs in the community to build a better area of the site for beginners.