Ideal Structure for Admin Panel

Hi there,

I am going to develop an application using yii, i have studied it and gone through some tutorials.

I need to know what will be Ideal Directory Structure for admin panel.

My site will have front end and a administrator panel. You can say like joomla have the backend and frontend and their directory structure contains a "administrator" folder in root directory.

So I want to develop something like that. I have gone through some forum, they said to use it as module. Is it right way to develop admin panel as a module?

Can I create any folder like "admin" in yii directory structure and keep code inside…

I don’t know what to do…?

Please let me know how to achieve this in yii…


Try to check this Link

I am following this article and already set up a 2- 3 yii powered applications.

Hope you will also get the concept of this article.

Thanks jayant for quick response,

I will go through your link,

In addition to above, I want to make my admin panel more powerful, like 3rd party integration managing them from admin for example, many payment gateways which I can manage from admin… orders, order history, etc…

So for this I was searching for ideal structure or way…

Hi sunil,

It is totally depends on you that what kind of features and functionality you are implementing in your project.well if you are planning to integrate a different payment system and other features related to e-commerce process.Then don’t need to be worried about it.Just do as you want.Yii will not effect your work any where.

I didn’t work for a e-commerce project in Yii but i have done some ecommerce related project in Cakephp where i have integrate this kind features.

If you have a a good knowledge of ecommerce concept and already have an experience of implementing this kind of features in Frameworks or i can say you are able to code it then its not a big deal that what platform you are using here to start this project.

About a yii there is a one extension available here with name Yiishop But i haven’t try this extension.So, i have a requirements like this then definitely i’ll go to write my own code.since which will be highly customisable.

So,i recommend you to write your own code here and follow the directory structure as i already refer you.

let it try and kindly share your experience here.:)

According to structure model that jayant provided link too, you can share some components between backend and frontend. Just simply put those share components into common folder. But you might have problems with some 3rd party libraries, as they are supposed to have admin area in itself, so you can not easy split them into backend/frontend functions.

Thanks all, for providing such useful information,