I am curious what kind of IDE you use for writing projects in Yii?

I use Notepad++ and Intype.

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm using Netbeans 6.5 PHP… it rocks … if you specify in the project include path the framework path you'll have also code completion and suggestions from the php documentor tags… have a look to the blog to see the features:…the_php_support…hp_distribution

Also would like to point out that now there is MySQL Workbench 5.1 alpha available also for linux and mac os x:…kbench/5.1.html




I'm using Netbeans 6.5 PHP.. it rocks ..

The same.

To eliminate unneeded inclusion (which takes place if just 'framework' dir is included, and almost all classes are presented twice - "officially" and in yiilite.php; vendor classes - say html purifier - also eats CPU) I have created dedicated directory with soft links to needed only folders and files, something like this:

base -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/base/

caching -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/caching/

collections -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/collections/

db -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/db

logging -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/logging/

messages -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/messages/

utils -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/utils/

validators -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/validators/

views -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/views/

web -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/web

YiiBase.php -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/YiiBase.php

yii.php -> /wrk/cvs/yi/1.0/framework/yii.php

Today I have switched to Netbeans development version - may be downloaded here:


All new features are decribed here:

There are, probably, few small unconveniences, say


(you are welcome to vote  ;) )

I’m using Quanta… Just because I’m addicted to it… But it seems, that I’ll try NetBeans :)


I use Eclipse PDT 1.0.3 (based on Eclipse 3.3.2) and am pretty happy about it. It very nicely parses php doc comments and provides suggestions for methods, parameters (and their types if provided in php doc), completions and all the good stuff.

While I've tried NetBeans 6.5 when it was still a beta and liked the IDE, it was not possible to use it - worked incredibly slow (and my workstation is really powerful enough, running Vista though). Maybe guys fixed performance issues in current release.



NuSphere PhpEd 5.6

I use  elvis 2.2.0. Simple and powerfull…

NETBEANS 6.5 with php and jquery support is superior for Yii development. You have all core php code completion, yii classes code completion, jquery code completion and now with the nighlty build you can declare that the $this variable in view scrip files is of type "CController". I think it is amazing

I've tried NetBeans. It's good. But it can't upload modified files to FTP automatically. Or maybe I haven't find this function yet.

I use Zend Studio 5.5

I use NetBeans 6.5. It's lacking some features compared to Zend Studio 5.5, but it has other interesting features. I used Eclipse, but I found NetBeans faster.


But it can't upload modified files to FTP automatically. Or maybe I haven't find this function yet.

Yes you can… it is showed in one of the two videos I posted on my previous posts… have a look at them ;)



I'm using the ZendStudio 6.1 (Eclipse based) and also WYSIWYG editor is really good now with .php based syntax on files.

PSPad for me , no autocomplete but its speed and the built in FTP more then compensate for this. I have tried eclipse & netbeans but always come back…

For the moment, just a good editor (UltraEdit-32 8.20).

FileZilla for upload.


Eclipse 3 PDT.  Haven't tired Netbeans yet but hear a lot of good things about it.

I used to use PSpad and it was great but than switched to PhpED and FireZilla.  I tried NetBeans and it look extremely good but my scroll-wheel won't work with it (intellisense/Microsoft crap mouse).

TextMate is what I'm using. Beats everything else hands down…


PSPAD, FILEZILLA, IE7, Firefox with Firebug

Will take a look at some of the other suggestions…

I thank you very much for your answer.

I am still curious what kind of IDE use development team of Yii, if this is not a secret :wink: ?